Why not Puppet?


Alternatively: Common mistakes made when adopting Puppet.

I love me some Puppet, and anyone who knows me will tell you I’ll talk about it and configuration management as long as you let me. However, sometimes it’s not the answer people expect it to be. Is it even the right tool? As a counterpoint to Why Puppet?, let’s look at some potential use cases and see whether they are a good fit. These use cases have been gathered from my own usage, ask.puppetlabs.com, #puppet on IRC, and some user stories recounted to me and are presented in no specific order. Special thanks to Ryan McKern for some additional stories and editing.

Is it possible to run something only if the file/user/package/whatever is present? (IRC, nearly every day)

The situation is often presented as, “$Thing won’t install without me answering some questions or providing an answer file, can I…

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Security… for everyone? Apple Store Edition

Wisdom aquired and shared in an Apple Store



Today, I had to take a trip to the Apple Store. Because of all of the things that could break on my computer, the most important one that I can’t live without started misbehaving: my trackpad.

After checking in, leaving a trail of umbrella drips from the front door to the upstairs Genius Bar, and getting my machine ready to be all fixed up, I was ready to surrender my darling little machine…

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